Welcome August!


Despite what the weatherman thinks, we aren’t giving up on summer just yet! If you’re still as psyched about August as we are, then come spend some more summer days with us down at the Beach Hut! :) There’s still plenty of time for walks on the beach and dinners by the open water!

Here at the Beach Hut, we’re all about fabulous dresses and we can’t wait to share them with all of you! To start off we’ve got a beautiful red open-back crochet dress from Roxy! With a little bit of a sleeve, this dress can easily transition from day to night without getting too chilly! Instead of lugging around your old purse, try a colourful clutch like the one we have paired from Roxy! A statement clutch will look cute with many colours and styles and is a simple touch to add to an outfit.

For those of you loving the maxi dress trend, we’ve got a long simple patterned dress from Roxy as well. With a little bit of a taper, you’ll still be able to show off all your cute sandals like ours from Roxy. Did I mention we LOVE Roxy?

All the ladies that want to absorb every last ray of sunshine will be ready to go with our colourful sun hat, matching sandals, and a cute strapless dress – all from Roxy! This dress is super flattering and has a unique pattern so you’ll stand out anywhere you go (in all the best ways!!).

More dresses? Of course! Next we have a striped knee-length dress from O’Neil. This dress has a v-neck cut and sits nicely on your shoulders to open your whole look up just a little bit! It also features a lower back cutout, which is great for ladies who want the open back look without the effort of finding a special bra. We have this look paired up with a navy sandal from Billabong, though it would look great with various colours or even a little wedge!

Lastly, we know we can’t always be ready for the weather around here so for those days when mother nature just cannot decide on sun or clouds, we’ve got you covered. Here we have a bikini top and shorts from O’Neil paired with a sweater and THE coolest boots from Roxy. The boots and sweater are actually new fall arrivals and make great transition pieces from one season to the next (or day to night!)